Private seakayak tour in Yoichi,Shakotan Hokkaido Japan!

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Private seakayak tour
in Yoichi,Shakotan Hokkaido Japan!

Private tour only!

Since only Private tour I offer you the optimal tour.

Photo service including!

Photo data taken will then present in the CD-R. 

Photo data present
Ship On the Dogs OK!

Also ride on the ship together dog. Please consult in advance.

Also ride on the ship together dog.
We provide to plan the best tour.

Special tours for experienced and I are available. Please consult in advance.

plan the best tour

Guide introduce【Takuhiro Shinagawa】

Guide introduce

1967 Born in Osaka, I grew up in Osaka Northern town. Because grew up where natural richness, the city life was stomach unable adaptation.
Like mechanical relationship. It has an interest in off-road bike, I was working for a motor bike shop. Then, it had come to Hokkaido and is fascinated by the world of mountain biking and snowboarding.
Began to live in Hokkaido since about 1999, it had been the work of the rafting guide and a hot air balloon pilot. About five years with the aim of sea kayaking guide, KAMUICHEP SEAKAYAK SERVICE was opened in 2012 summer.
Winter while working at ski resorts, We are living in a family "self-sufficiency" in Niseko wilderness.

Tour introduce

Mysterious monument called "Candle Rock".
Wonderful views of the Shakotan, you can enjoy the beautiful blue sea .

[Notice] 2019 season is closed.
We are so much appreciate the customer coming our tour on this season!!
We are looking forward to see you next summer!!

The contents of the following is [2019 season] .

Tour Period

2019 season : About 22th June - About 31th August.

Tour Schedule

We have held twice tour per day.
Start time is 9:00AM or 1:00PM.
Please come to "Meeting Point" before 10 minutes at start time.

Tour price

1 person : 9,500yen(per person) Total amount  9,500yen(in TAX)
2 persons: 8,000yen(per person) Total amount 16,000yen(in TAX)
3 persons: 7,000yen(per person) Total amount 21,000yen(in TAX)
4 persons: 6,500yen(per person) Total amount 26,000yen(in TAX)
5 persons: 6,000yen(per person) Total amount 30,000yen(in TAX)

※Preschooler following the infant will discount 1,000yen (per person).


Elementary school children and infants will be allowed participation conditions of a parent or guardian
Participation of junior high school students only is possible, but requires the application by a parent or guardian .


Please pay in cash to your participation date.

※If the tour was canceled
It will give a full refund, if it was canceled before the tour started by the sudden change like the weather .
There is no refund of the parking fee.


Please prepare the day .

【Clothes】:Recommended dry shirt and dry pants.
【Water】:Recommended 500ml PET bottles.
【Others】:Hat, sunglasses, sunscreen cream,


Booking / Contact

 Call us:+81-90-3996-8543 or Contact form.

【Notice】Please check your smart phone settings against spam mails.
We can contact foreign customer by only email.


046-0032(Postal code) 16-3 Toyohama-cho Yoichi-cho Yoichi-gun Hokkaido Japan
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*****The origin of the name "KAMUICHEP" *****
The "Kamuichi~epu" means "God of fish" in the Ainu language , refers to the "salmon" .
Salmon down the sea was born in the river , to return to the cross swimming the ocean and big sounding also of his native river.
I received the name, I think if you can freely navigate the sea and rivers as the salmon.